KENT Universal Type I Life Jacket Review

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The Nitty Gritty

  • Price range $50 – $70
  • Comes with 5 reflective patches to aid in search and rescue.
  • High decibel whistle attached.
  • No external pockets.

KENT Universal Type I Life Jacket  Details

The KENT Universal Type I Life Jacket is an innovative design that is made of SOLAS grade reflective material. It features a child collar that extends survival in rough waters. This reversible life jacket is a must-have for young kids. It comes with a safety light that lets you know where you are in the water. In case of emergency, wear your life jacket as directed by your captain. Even better, you can revert it to a child-friendly version by turning it around.

The KENT Universal Type I Life Jacket is approved by the US Coast Guard and is USCG-approved for use in rough waters. This jacket features SOLAS-grade reflective material, an adjustable strap, and a minimum of 32 pounds of buoyancy. A sizing chart is included with the life jacket, and it has a SOLAS-grade reflective tape. The KENT Universal Type I life jacket also features a reflective strap for better fit and visibility.

The KENT Universal Type I Life Jacket is designed to fit a wide range of people. The three adjustable straps are easy to adjust to fit different body types. This life jacket is approved by the Coast Guard as a type I life jacket. The quick release buckles make it easy to put on and remove from the life jacket. It is also lightweight and can be worn under any conditions. This type of life jacket is great for boaters, kayakers, and fishermen alike.

Easily prepare for a safer day on the water. The Kent Adult Universal Type I Life Jacket Style PFD is designed for exactly what you don’t want to think about but will be glad you did. Since 1959, Kent has been making USCG approved Life Vests for a variety of commercial and industrial use and the rating on this classic Type I Life Jacket Style Vest is for extended survival in rough waters. It easily slips on and adjusts for a snug fit and provides a minimum 22 lbs. of buoyancy. The bright orange fabric is highly visible and a SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) compliant whistle is already attached and a loop for a safety light is included, too. U.S. Coast Guard approved Type I PFD; Bright orange fabric; Adjustable straps; SOLAS compliant whistle attached; Minimum 22-lb. buoyancy; Attachment loop; USCG Approval: Type I; Chest Size: 30-52″; Fits: People 90+ lbs.; Color: Orange; Mfg. Number: 100400-200-004-16.