Mustang Survival Corp Inflatable PFD with HIT Review

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The Nitty Gritty

  • Higher price range $250 – $300
  • Inflates under water pressure not in rain.
  • Bright Fluorescent Inflation Cell
  • Works well for larger individuals.
  • US Coast Guard Approved.
  • Inflates underwater or by manual activation.
  • Stays secure in high winds still opens easily for flotation.

Mustang Survival Corp Inflatable PFD

The Mustang Survival is a top of the line inflatable PFD with hydrostatic inflator technology. It is made of ANSI-approved high-visibility materials that police, traffic controllers, and EMS wear. The new T3 version is the brightest, sturdiest inflatable yet! This is a great option for those who are working in low-light conditions and need a high-visibility PFD.

When choosing a PFD, you’ll want to choose one that is USCG-approved and crafted to the highest standards. An award-winning HIT system is essential, and the automatic, inflating Mustang Survival’s Inflatable Life Jacket features this patented technology. It offers the best combination of safety and convenience. You’ll also enjoy low maintenance and minimal inflator maintenance with the HIT technology.

Designed with serious users in mind, the Inflatable PFD from Mustang Survival features the award-winning HIT. This high-tech PFD has been tested under severe weather conditions and requires minimal inflator maintenance. The USCG-approved hydrostatic inflator technology ensures a high level of safety while requiring minimal inflator maintenance. A lightweight outer shell fabric and zippered pocket are just some of the features of this product.

Whether you’re looking for an inflatable PFD for a quick and easy way to stay dry, the Mustang Survival Inflatable PFD with HIT is a great choice. The HIT features a USCG-approved hydrostatic inflator, a USCG-certified hydrostatic inflator, and a zip pocket for storage of essential items. In addition to its USCG approval, the HIT is the only inflatable PFD available today that does not require frequent maintenance.

The Mustang Survival HIT Inflatable PFD with HIT has an auto-inflator that is activated automatically when the wearer is submerged. The HIT Inflatable PFD is the best option for powerboaters and commercial fishermen. It is light and inexpensive and provides maximum protection.

  • 1F auto Hydrostatic Inflator Technology will automatically inflate under water pressure, not inadvertently in rain, spray or humidity
  • Bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell for improved in-water visibility
  • SOLAS reflective tape, safety whistle and strobe light attachment on inflation cell
  • SecureZipTM closure stays shut in high winds and still opens easily on inflation
  • Provides 35 lb. of buoyancy when inflated – more than twice standard foam PFDs