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Electronic Navigational Chart

Navionics is a company that produces electronic navigational charts With headquarters in Massarosa, Italy, the company operates worldwide. It has subsidiaries in Wareham, Massachusetts, Plymouth, Hyderabad, and New South Wales. It also offers software and hardware for boats. Whether you are planning a cruise or just want to navigate a new city, Navionics has the products you need.


Navionics is an Italian company that produces electronic navigational charts. Its main headquarters are in Massarosa, Italy, but it has subsidiaries in Wareham, Massachusetts, Plymouth, Hyderabad, and New South Wales. Its products are sold all over the world. The company produces a variety of products that make navigating easier and safer.

Navionics digital charts are an essential tool for boaters. They are available in many formats and come with a variety of features. The Navionics+ line provides comprehensive inland and offshore marine mapping content. The platinum series offers even more detail, including river, bay, and lake mapping. It also includes community edits, which are contributions from fellow boaters who have used the software.

The Navionics app is available for both iOS and Android devices and has more than 1.5 million downloads since it launched. The app allows users to customize their maps to include vegetation marks, depth shading, and points of interest. It is also possible to customize maps, including adding points of interest and GPS locations. It is free to download and use in any country, and is compatible with many devices.

Navionics is a company based in Italy that designs and sells electronic navigation charts for mariners. It has subsidiaries in the United States, the UK, and India.


The iNavX from navtronic’s family of navigational software packages has several notable features, such as a color chart plotter, high-resolution weather overlays, and AIS receiver data. The software also features remote planning, eliminating the need to access the vessel’s plotter or input coordinates manually. It also allows users to view the full suite of charts across multiple devices.

The iNavX marine navigation app offers hundreds of worldwide charts, which can be displayed on the iNavX map. It can also be used to plot course, bearing, and waypoints. It also provides access to top chart providers, such as Navionics and GRIB, and is able to connect to networked instruments and external GPS receivers.


C-Map for navtronics is an alternative to Navionics that is a lot faster and has more features than Navionics. The most noticeable difference between the two is the user interface, which C-Map is faster at. Navigation is much easier to understand when you’re navigating by using navigational aids like a C-Map, which uses larger icons to make navigational information more easily accessible.

Another difference between the two navigation aids is the way they display buoy numbers. Navionics displays buoy numbers automatically, while C-Map displays them manually. Navionics’ buoy numbers are often hidden behind the icon of a fixed light, while C-Map shows them clearly. While C-Map is more intuitive and makes it easier to read, it lacks some of the features of Navionics.

Colors can sometimes be a problem with Navionics. However, C-Map uses different colors to distinguish land from water and channels. This allows for easy identification of a boat’s position. Additionally, the user can customize the data that is displayed on the screen. Users can add more layers of information or remove any irrelevant data.

SonarChart(tm) Live

If you want to use your smartphone as your navigation tool, you can now download the SonarChart(tm) Live app. The app allows you to view contours as they are formed and check them against Navionics data and other sonar logs. The updates are normally complete within a week, but sometimes it can take longer. Once the new data is integrated, SonarChart Live can suggest a route from your real start point to your destination based on chart data and navigation aids. Note, however, that the app is designed only for planning and should never replace safe navigation operations.

The navigation app is compatible with most sonar/plotter brands and allows for real-time chart updates. It also has support for multiple sonar log formats. This feature is very useful when fishing and increasing your awareness of shallow water. And the software is constantly being enhanced with sonar logs submitted by boaters. It accepts logs from virtually every sonar/plotter manufacturer, including Humminbird. It updates continuously to reflect the changing conditions of the sea floor.

Another great feature of SonarChart is that it integrates Nautical Chart and Community Edits into a single app. In addition, the app also comes with a one-year subscription to advanced features. To access the app, simply press the Navionics icon in the lower left corner of the Boating app. The navigation app will change from Nautical Chart to SonarChart.

GPX import/export

One of the most convenient ways to add GPX files to your navtronics software is to import them from other sources. You can easily send GPX files to your mobile phone or laptop and then import them to your navtronics system. After importing a GPX file, you will see a message that your file has been imported successfully.

To import GPX files, you must use a PC navigation program that supports the GPX file format. Most manufacturers support importing GPX files, whether they’re proprietary or third-party programs. Some devices even support WiFi transfer. When you import a GPX file, you’ll have access to your navigation system’s track data and user data.

GPX files contain thousands of fixes and record every second of a boat’s journey. This data makes the file quite large. If you want to display the track on the web, you need to compress the data and record fewer points along the track. Otherwise, your boat’s path may appear to be crossing land, which is not accurate. To correct this, you need to edit the track manually.


Connectivity is critical for vessels in today’s world, and a Navionics system will make your life easier when you’re away from shore. Most boats have VHFs and Cell Phones onboard, but in many cases, access to internet and voice services is essential. Whether you’re in port or heading offshore, Navtronics offers satellite and 4G/LTE-based solutions for reliable voice and data communication. In addition, an integrated onboard Wi-fi and location tracking system can help you avoid getting separated from shore and provide emergency communications.