Spot X Review

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The Nitty Gritty

  • Almost the cheapest device on ($250 – $350) It does the basics SOS and texting but no calling.
  • Crazy long battery life with an average of 10 days.
  • Subscription plans are $12 – $40/Month based on usage.  You have a limit to the number of custom texts you can send but in all plans have unlimited predefined texts. You can create your predefined messages (up to 14).
  • The SpotX has the IPX7 rating so it’s good to get splashed on the boat, rained on, but probably shouldn’t go swimming with you.
  • One unique aspect is it has an actual keyboard on it like the old blackberry phones. Most other phones have the number style keypad that you have to hit multiple times to choose letters.
  • It’s main knocks are slow sending speeds and some users have reported that the Spot X can be a little buggy while having send/receive issues.  

Spot X Satellite Messenger

One of the main benefits of using a SPOT X satellite communicator is that it supports 2-way messaging and direct communication with Search & Rescue services. The device has an SOS button for emergency use, which can send out SMS messages and email messages. The device also comes with tracking and digital compass capabilities and can share its GPS coordinates via social media. But, it is only useful if you’re using it in the event of an emergency.

As with most satellite communicators, the SPOT X features a 2-way communication system. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology and can also be connected to a smart phone. The user can access their contact list and messages directly with SAR services. It also works as a standalone communication device. For emergency situations, SPOT X can send an SOS message to GEOS to alert the appropriate emergency services.

The SPOT X also comes with a GPS receiver. It allows users to track their location using a dedicated mobile U.S. number. The SPOT X’s built-in compass is also useful. The waypoint feature allows users to store waypoints and send them to others using their phone. The SPOT satcomm system also offers the ability to send text messages.

From the Manufacturer

SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging when you’re off the grid or beyond reliable cellular coverage. Connect SPOT X to your smart phone via Bluetooth wireless technology through the SPOT X app to access your contacts and communicate easily with family, friends, or directly with Search & Rescue services in a life-threatening situation. If preferred or when necessary, SPOT X can be used as a standalone communication device. SPOT X has its own dedicated U.S. mobile number, so others can message you directly at any time.